The Health Research Alliance (HRA) is a national consortium of over 50 non-profit, non-governmental funders of biomedical research and training, including large and small public charities as well as private foundations.   HRA member organizations work together to optimize the impact of investment in biomedical research and training to improve human health.   A 501(c)(3) public charity, HRA was incorporated in 2005.

In addition to fostering open communication and collaboration among member organizations through a variety of mechanisms, HRA provides data and analysis about the funding of biomedical research and training by its membership.  In aggregate, HRA member organizations provide over $1.5 billion in research awards each year, funding over 5,500 researchers annually.

Providing outreach support for the Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP) is in service of two additional HRA goals: to address issues key to accelerating research discovery and its translation, and to identify gaps in funding in order to facilitate innovative grantmaking.  To address those goals, HRA has also developed a Public Access Initiative to facilitate the adoption of public access policies by its member organizations.