Established in 1999, EIFL is an international not-for-profit organisation with a successful track record in enabling equitable and sustainable access to knowledge through effective partnerships with libraries and library consortia in over 60 developing and transition countries.

Through the EIFL Open Access (OA) Programme, we advocate nationally and internationally for the adoption of OA policies and mandates.  We educate researchers, students, research managers, librarians, publishers and policy makers about the changing scholarly communication landscape.  We help libraries to launch OA repositories, and we support OA publishing initiatives in order to increase the visibility and usage of research output.  We also help institutions to share open research data and open educational resources.

Currently there are over 500 OA repositories and more than 3,400 OA journals in our partner countries.  In addition, 38 institutions in our network have adopted OA policies to ensure that research is made freely available.

By providing outreach support to the Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP), we are also encouraging greater use and reuse of OA content to increase research impact and to accelerate socio-economic development.