Copernicus Publications


Promoting scientific work is our focus, serving those dedicated to science is our passion! Copernicus Publications has been a scientific publisher since 1994 and an Open Access Publisher since 2001. Together with Copernicus Meetings it forms the Copernicus Gesellschaft, which was founded in 1988. Copernicus GmbH, a German limited liability corporation, is owned by the non-profit organization Copernicus Gesellschaft e.V.

Copernicus Publications specializes in serving scientific associations in publishing and distributing their journals and plays a leading role in the area of transparent Public Peer-Review. This innovative two-stage publication process fosters scientific discussion and enhances the effectiveness and transparency of scientific quality assurance: in the first stage, manuscripts that pass a swift access review are immediately typeset and published in a discussion forum in an on-screen format. They are then subject to interactive public discussion, during which the referees’ comments (anonymous or attributed), additional short comments by other members of the scientific community (attributed) and the authors’ replies are published. In the second stage, the peer-review process is completed and, if accepted, the final revised papers are published in the journal. To ensure publication precedence for authors, and to provide a lasting record of scientific discussions, the discussion forum and the journal are both ISSN-registered, permanently archived and fully citable. Currently, Copernicus Publications publishes 30 peer-reviewed Open Access Journals and more than half of them apply the innovative Public Peer-Review.

For more than 10 years, Copernicus Publications has been promoting Open Access and Public Peer-Review. By sponsoring the Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP), we hope to strengthen the recognition of pioneers who make use of freely accessible peer-reviewed scientific research output for the benefit of society.