Calculating Ecotourism Impact

Calculating Ecotourism Impact

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Ralf Buckley, PhD
Director and Chair, International Centre for Ecotourism Research (ICER)

Guy Castley, PhD
Senior Research Fellow, ICER

Clare Morrison, PhD
Research Fellow, ICER

Alexa C. Mossaz
PhD Candidate in Tourism and Conservation, ICER

Clay Alan Simpkins
Researcher/Teacher, MSc Candidate, Griffith School of Environment

Rochelle Steven
PhD Candidate, ICER

Fernanda de Vasconcellos Pegas
Research Fellow, Griffith University

An obstacle hindering the efforts to make the case for ecotourism as a sound conservation policy is the lack of dollar value put on protected species by  policymakers and the public, especially in low- and middle income countries. Ralf Buckley and his team from the International Centre for Ecotourism Research in Queensland, Australia developed an innovative method for calculating the value of ecotourism for endangered animals, based on freely available data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Calculations applied by Buckley’s team to endangered mammals, birds and frogs across the world, were published in Open Access publications in order to help publicly funded nature preserves make the most of their resources to protect and expand protected areas.