eLife is a non-profit, researcher-driven initiative to inspire change in the way scientific results are presented and shared. The product of an unprecedented collaboration between the funders and practitioners of research, eLife is backed by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USA), Max Planck Society (Germany), and the Wellcome Trust (UK). The goals of the initiative are: To make publishing more efficient through a swift, constructive, and fair editorial process; to exploit digital media in the presentation of results; to drive open access, by providing a publishing option for authors with ground-breaking research; and to catalyse innovation in research communication.

In December 2012 eLife introduced the eLife journal – an open-access venue for groundbreaking discoveries in the life sciences and biomedicine, from the most fundamental and theoretical work through to translational, applied, and clinical research. All results will be available to a worldwide audience, for free, immediately on publication and with the right to use results without restriction – according to a Creative Commons-Attribution (CC-BY) license. Citing, downloading, re-using, reproducing, re-purposing, and building on material published in eLife may all be done without requesting permission from the author or the publisher, provided full attribution to the author is given.

The ASAP Program is a fantastic opportunity to highlight how open access helps increase the pace of innovation and the translation of scientific research into public benefit and eLife is proud to be a sponsor.